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Cutline: Engraving and woodcut effects. Cutline is intended for use on continuous tone gray scale images but can be used with color images. Best results are seen with photos or illustrations with gradient blends.

ScatterLight: The ScatterLight Lenses produce a broad scope of realistic patterned and diffusion lens effects. These lens effects range from subtle soft focus effects most often seen in professional portraiture and landscapes, to more dramatic effects that scatter and focus light over the brightest areas of an image.

StippleArt: The StippleArt Filter is an Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in which converts grayscale and color images into formal screened dots or artistic dot patterns and has options to blend the original image color back into the dot pattern or image background.

Screens: Photoshop screening tool that converts gray-scale images into a wide variety of line art screens from 15 to 400 dpi. Series 3 Screen features include mezzotints, sharp contrast mezzograms, mezzoblends, ellipses, lines, circles, spokes, waves or any blended combination.

EtchTone: The EtchTone Filter is a multi-platform, Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in. Starting with a gray/color illustration or photo, the plug-in combines an etch pattern (black and white) with the original image to create an "Etchtone", a continuous tone screen that results in a classic old printing look that softens the harshness of solid black and white line screens.

Shadow: Full of features, the Shadow Plug-In user interface gives you everything you need, right at your fingertips. It’s uniqueness is in using 3-D geometry to cast realistic shadows. A shadow of your input image is imposed on a Casting Plane that can then be manipulated in 3-D space behind or in front of the Input Image.

LensDoc: A universal solution to lens distortions.

  • Corrects the barreling and pin–cushioning image distortions by many zoom and wide–angle lenses
  • Identify two lines that should be straight and place the target points as guides. LensDoc does the rest
  • As a bonus — correct rotation and perspective distortions as well
  • Options to create and use your own lens correction curves

Perspective: View and manipulate your image through our “lens.” Perspective provides the capability for the user to change the current view or “perspective” of an image to any point in three dimensional space through the utilization of a user friendly interface. Perspective is unique in that it uses a camera paradigm to introduce depth or perspective.