Photo Enhancing Tools - Macintosh

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Perspective: Uses a “virtual” camera in 3D space, which views and manipulates images through a "lens" to produce consistent perspective in multiple images and in a string of text characters. Perspective gives a 360 degree rotation of images in any direction and allows users to save presets with descriptions for future use or reference.

ScatterLight: The ScatterLight Lenses produce a broad scope of realistic patterned and diffusion lens effects. These lens effects range from subtle soft focus effects most often seen in professional portraiture and landscapes, to more dramatic effects that scatter and focus light over the brightest areas of an image.

Shadow: Features Include: Real 3D Shadowing, Natural soft edges and blurring. Drop and cast shadows imposed on a movable plane. Multiple shadowing with four movable lights. Perspective shadows with a Virtual Camera. Stereo 3D viewing. 12 different Shadow Effects